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At Ossining Self Storage we want to make your moving and storage experience a helpful one. Below is a list of ten tips you can utilize when preparing your goods for storage units.

Whether you are using it for business or personal storage, take into account that our storage facilities has limitations on what they will allow you to store. This is for your own safety as well as that of the facility. Please talk to our personnel if you have any questions Call (914) 941-1051

Try to fill boxes to their capacity:

Boxes that are irregular or that are not hard when full will have a tendency to tip or cave in. Use large boxes for things that are light in weight

(sheets, pillows, etc.), and smaller boxes for books and heavy tools. Glass objects like as best china or dishes must be wrapped with fresh packing paper or bubble wrap.

Cautiously plan your storage space:

Put objects that need easy approach in front of your area. Prepare walkways in larger rooms. Try not to crowd the room too tight. Leave some space for air to circulate.

Take list of everything:

That is packed and label the boxes. Number the boxes for easy reference. This will not only help when you are looking for something inside storage but will also make it easy when moving to your ultimate destination.

Consult with our storage expert staff:

If you have some requests or individual needs please ask our expert staff.

When using self-storage:

Take advantage of the complete space available, several rooms have ceilings greater than eight ft high.

Strict fire prevention codes:

Prohibit the storage space of any combustibles, explosives, perishables, or liquids.

Disassemble furniture:

This will allow it to fit into smaller areas.

Wrap sensitive items:

Pack your fragile items in plastic, paper, as well as bubble wrap

Stack mattresses:

As well as sofas, plus loveseats on end to save floor space. Wrap cushions in plastic and put on top of furniture.

Utilize climate control units: Intended for all your sensitive things that may be effected by extreme climate changes.

Should you have any inquiries, just  Call (914) 941-1051 and speak to one of our personnel professionals

Straightforward Storage Organization Guidelines

Storage units are great for a huge variety of reasons. Some people love them because they allow them take their home back. After all, every person has that one room that has stopped being living space and has become storage space. Why not move that room into a storage unit, and in fact live in that space again?

Additional people find that they have to move to a smaller place, and love storage units for the power to keep their property without having to find space for it all. No matter what the motive for wanting a storage unit, but, there are a few fundamental things one should do in order to keep the place organized. If you’ve never used a storage unit, or even if you have but haven’t found them useful, you might be amazed by these simple storage organization information.

Maintain A Clear Pathway

It is extremely tempting to stack everything you can into the unit, but you ought to avoid that temptation. You should take a few extra minutes to make sure you are situating things in such a manner that you can still get to the rear of the unit without a problem. After all, you never know when you might need something from the back. By ensuring you contain an effortless path to get there, you’ll be able to make the most use of your storage unit.

Aim To Organize Small To Big

moving and storageWhen you’re searching for storage organization guidelines, you’ll find a lot of key points concerning how to manage belongings by size. It mostly boils down to one idea, to place the big possessions in the rear. You ought to stay away from that, though. The thought behind placing the bulky stuff in the back is that you are less likely to require the big objects at random, therefore you can make it easier to grab the smaller things that you probably will want.

However, you never know what you will want at what time. You may suddenly have a need for that old treadmill where you don’t want anything else. If that treadmill is all the way in the rear, you now have to wrestle not simply with the treadmill, but with everything else, as well. It’s much better to keep your bigger things, like home furniture, near the front. You may not require it as often, but you’ll be happier when you have to get it out.

Treat It Like An Office

Intended for many people, a storage space unit is nothing more than that. A place to store stuff they might not require. However, this isn’t utilizing the storage unit to its fullest potential. Instead, you should treat your storage unit something like an office. If there are papers, books, and other stuff that you will not want every day, but may require on occasion, then a storage unit is the ideal place for them.

However, if you immediately toss these things into a box then call it a day, it will be tricky to recover them in the future. As an alternative, take into account purchasing a simple filing cabinet or a bookshelf. That means you can arrange your documents as well as textbooks in such a means that you can get to them more easily, and you won’t have to dig all-around inside boxes to discover them.

If you’re wanting to make the most out of your storage unit  these straightforward storage tips and organizational information  will aid you in making the best use of your storeroom unit in ways you might never have considered. After all, why rent a cargo space unit if you’re not going to make the most of it? There’d be no reason to! So do not just treat it like a dumping ground for your stuff!